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Most car owners want a beautiful machine that looks flawless and impressive. They work hard to maintain the car’s paint job and repair any imperfections quickly. At Mammoth Crea8ive, we always encourage vehicle owners to consider full car wraps. These wraps don’t just transform the appearance of your vehicle, but also provide essential protection. You’re less likely to damage the car’s paint layer if there’s a full wrap on it. If your vehicle looks worn or old, consider calling a professional for a full wrap install. 

Full-Color Wraps

Vehicle wraps have become very popular in recent years because they’re a great alternative to repainting. It’s common for car owners to install vinyl wraps on brand new vehicles. Here’s a look at why this option is so popular:

  • SBW Vehicle Graphics

    You can play with your imagination and create a custom, unique, cool design.

    Affordable – Vinyl wrap installation is much more affordable than repainting. You can get a professional installation from a well-known company for a fraction of the cost, which is why many people choose wrap rather than paints.

  • Quick and Easy – Car painting can take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on how much work your vehicle needs. Skilled experts can install full car wraps in a matter of hours. Clients get their vehicle back in a day or two.
  • Durable – Modern wraps are made from vinyl and are highly durable. They can handle small scratches and scuff marks. Most products are made from a self-healing material, so minor scratches disappear overnight after being exposed to some heat. You won’t need to replace your wrap for several years.
  • Texture and Finish Options – You can choose a high-gloss, medium-gloss, or matte finish. Manufacturers also offer a wide range of texture options, so it’s easy to find something that will make your car truly stand out.
  • Wide Range of Color Options – Car owners can find virtually any color under the sun ranging from traditional black to neon green. There’s something available for everyone, regardless of their taste and preferences.

As you can see, there many advantages of installing cool car wraps. You can also add custom graphics to wraps like business logos, contact information, product images, etc. Many companies use their vehicles as moving billboards for promotional material. 

Popular Color Options 

Wraps are available in a wide range of color options. Different owners have different preferences when it comes to wrapping colors. Some stick with safer and more traditional options while others like to experiment. Here’s a look at a few popular color options:

  • Matte or carbon fiber black
  • High gloss black
  • Glossy or matte blue
  • Glossy or matte red
  • Frosty white
  • Grey or silver
  • Satin finish in black, blue, white, or grey
  • Pink

These are some of the most popular colors, but you can choose something that suits your preferences. 

If you want to know more about our cool car wraps, get in touch with Mammoth Crea8ive today. You can call 720 263 7609 or use our online form for a free estimate.