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When it comes to vehicle wraps in Denver, there are plenty of possibilities regarding design. Depending on the size of your fleet and the needs of your advertising campaign, you may want to consider a different design per vehicle. This can make your brand more engaging and memorable if done right. Use this quick guide to help you decide whether or not your fleet should have a uniform look.

Signage DesignCustom Fleet Wraps with Unlimited Possibilities

Not every fleet consists of large delivery trucks or semis. Many companies own a combination of cars, vans, and trucks that they use every day. With a variety of vehicles, it makes sense that the decals would be a little different. Whether you want to experiment with designs, make your business stand out, or want to make sure part of your fleet is distinguished from the rest, using multiple graphics can help.

Color-Coded Vehicles

Some fleet wraps in Denver are designed to include a few different designs or colors to distinguish functions. For example, delivery vehicles may have a vibrant logo, while vehicles intended for executive travel may have a more sophisticated look. Graphic designers can help you find colorful backgrounds that go great with your logo and match the overall vision of the company.

Boosting Engagement with Graphics

If your vehicles are going to be transporting clients, you may want to consider a unique design for each vehicle. This can serve as a conversation piece and adds a little more excitement to the journey. Try adding a fun fact or a unique background to the vehicle. While your logo and contact information should still be easy to read, give the vehicle a lot more personality.

Get Great Fleet Wraps

Whether you are getting a single vehicle wrap or taking care of a whole fleet, Mammoth Creative is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how our colorful vehicle wraps can help your brand.