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If you are looking for an effective advertising medium, you should consider installing car wraps. When you start to look online with search terms like ‘auto wrap near me,’ there will be many companies that show up in the results.

It’s crucial to visit their website, get an understanding of how long they have been in business and what types of car wrap projects they have handled. Doing this groundwork is an essential step if you want impactful and affordable car advertising. These professionals would help guide your choices and provide you with all the information you need about car wrap options.

Things to Consider While Getting Car Wraps Installed

Effective commercial car wraps

Car wraps can boost your business productivity and incomes, while displaying a cool and solid commercial image.

There are certain things you should be aware of and keep in view while choosing vinyl graphics for your commercial fleet. Here we take a look at what they are: 

  • The paint of the Vehicle- Check whether the vehicle has been repainted or has OEM paint on it. If the surfaces have patches, are damaged or old, and the paint will likely get pulled off when you remove the vinyl graphic. Check with the car wrap installer whether this would pose a problem and ask them what solutions they can offer to avert this issue. 
  • Scratches/ Defects, Stone Chips, Damage On Paint– Vinyl is useful only in hiding small rock chips and surface scratches as it’s like a “skin” on the vehicle’s surface. The overall color and styling of the car also determine how it shows or hides defects. 
  • Making Sure That The Car’s Surfaces Are Clean- All the caked-on/dried dirt from the car must be cleaned before car vinyl graphics installation. Sometimes it is difficult to see until the vinyl has been applied, and then these areas protrude like bumps from under the thin film. Most credible installers will first Clay-Barr the surfaces for the smoothest surface preparation.
  • Remove All Signs If Rust- It’s equally important to ensure that there is no rusting on any section of the painted surfaces. The vinyl will cover it, but the rust will continue to spread under it. The car wrap professionals will first remove all the rust, treat the area with an anti-rust product before repainting it, and will then affix the vinyl wrap.

Vinyl graphic car wraps are some of the most car advertising methods. However, you must get these installed from skilled and experienced professionals.