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Your custom auto wrap is an investment. When you go to a well-established company for it, you can be sure they will use an excellent quality product and handle the installation to industry standards. But, ultimately, the lifespan of your car wrap will depend on how well you have maintained it. Here are some things to keep in view.

Custom Car Wrap Maintenance Tips

  • Understanding Vehicle Wraps

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    Check whether there are signs of vinyl lifting. The common vulnerable spots are the wheel wells, door jambs, and along the seams. If you notice any lifted graphics, the car wrap technicians would be able to fix them, provided you notify them immediately. Once any debris works its way into the gaps, it will compromise the adjacent areas too.

  • Always get the vehicles hand-washed. You must pre-rinse the caked-on dirt with plain water and then use a sponge towel to rub the surface. This will help maintain the vividness and brightness of the colors and graphics, extending the lifespan of your car wrap.
  • Wash the vinyl surfaces from the top down. It’s also crucial to rinse all the soap off quickly before it begins to dry. While you can run the vehicle through a standard spin brush car wash, you would not know whether there is any debris embedded in the brush itself, and that can cause abrasions in the vinyl impacting its lifespan. It’s why hand-washing is the best option.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Be on the lookout for bubbling right after installation. While you might be tempted to smooth out or press the bubbles, this is something you should never do. The pressure you apply on the bubbles will cause them to split, which will ruin the finish and the graphics on your custom car wrap. Take the car back to the shop, and they will fix it for you.
  • The other crucial aspect of maintaining the lifespan of the car wrap material is that you should never pressure-wash it. Many companies that have fleet vehicles want to speed up the cleaning process and use a pressure washer to wash off all the cars. But the pressure will only end up running the vinyl wrap.
  • Never keep your vehicle parked under the blazing sun all day, as that will cause faster wear in the horizontal surfaces. Once the car has completed its run, park it in the garage or any other covered spot.

Following these dos and avoiding the don’ts will help to extend the lifespan of your vinyl car wrap, giving you a good return on investment.