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Car graphics are a great way to promote a brand, gain visibility, and establish a professional image. They can encourage prospective customers to trust a brand, which can influence a person’s purchase decision. However, it is vital to choose the right auto decals and graphics for this purpose. A poorly designed wrap will not be memorable and may also alienate your target audience.

Car Wrap Design Tips

Designing a great car wrap isn’t difficult if you keep your priorities in mind. A graphic is a promotional tool that can help your brand get more visibility. Here are some design tips to make sure your car wrap stands out:

  • Measure the Surface Area – The design of the car wrap depends on the area it covers. For example, if you have a large truck, it is wise to create a more spaced-out graphic that still conveys the
    Custom Vehicle Graphics

    Car graphics are a great way to boost your branding.

    right message.

  • Focus on Brand Imagery – Always keep the brand image in mind while creating a car advertising Use the brand color scheme, font, and design language for the best results.
  • Bright Colors – Bright colors stand out and are clearly visible. The graphics you install should catch customer attention when the vehicle is moving on the road. That can only happen if the graphics are brightly colored and eye-catching.
  • Bold and Big Lettering – All writing on the wrap must be legible to ensure that people can easily read the words from a distance. Choose a large, bold font and stay away from fancy cursive or handwriting-style options as they are more difficult to read. The text should be legible at first glance to have maximum impact.
  • Choose a Great Graphic – Work with a qualified graphic designer to come up with a great graphic. For example, KFC vehicles are bright red and feature the Colonel logo vividly. You can also add the brand mascot to the graphic.

Study the autodecals and graphics used by your competitors to get a better idea of what works in your industry. 

Mistakes To Avoid

Poor car advertising design can harm your marketing endeavors. Make sure to avoid common mistakes like using:

  • A cluttered image that has no distinct story.
  • Tiny or poorly legible fonts.
  • Unattractive and inconsistent color-scheme.
  • Complicated logos.

The right graphics will have a positive impact on your target audience and encourage them to make a purchase. Consult with experienced design professionals if you want to have the right effect.