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If you have a truck and a company car, you might think that you can simply copy and paste the same image from your car and put it on your truck, but there are inherent differences between truck wraps and vehicle wraps. You’ll be working with a large canvas and your company’s truck is bound to be in areas all over the country, not just around the local neighborhood. Learn more about the differences between truck wraps and vehicle wraps from the pros at Mammoth Creative.

A Wider Audience

Truck wraps will be in front of lots of different potential customers. Whether you’re delivering a package across the country or transporting equipment, your truck wrap should speak to a wider audience. That may mean adding supplementary information to the wrap, so new people can quickly learn about your company and goods and services it provides. Maybe you have a reputation around the neighborhood, but that won’t be the case when your truck is traversing all over the country.

Custom Truck Wrap

Working with a Large Canvas

Trucks are so much larger than vehicles, giving you a much larger canvas to work with. You’ll have tens of square feet to work with in terms of styling your company’s truck, so you might as well make the most of it. Your truck wrap will also travel all over the country, including busy highways and interurban areas, so it helps to make your logo stand out as much as possible. You might try blowing up your vehicle wrap, so it will be more visible on the side of the truck. Or you can add new images to get more people’s attention.

If you need help designing the perfect truck wrap in Colorado Springs, talk to the professionals at Mammoth Creative. We’ll help you make the most of the space on the side of your company’s truck, so you can reach new customers all over the country.