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Your company logo is one of the primary tools you have to spread the word about your brand.

All of your marketing efforts are likely to be centered around this one logo, so it’s important to show it in as many places as possible.

There are loads of places where you can choose to put your logo. Here, we explore some unique ideas for where you can place your company logo.

In the Office

Branding starts internally. If you have an office, it’s likely you’ll place your logo by your front door or in the car park.

You can go further by placing your logo elsewhere around the office, perhaps by investing in window murals or floor graphics. 

By investing in high-quality original graphics, it presents a great impression of your business to visitors.


Using vehicle wraps to brand your fleet of vehicles is an under-rated method of advertising your company. You can expose your logo to thousands of people per week, especially if you have a large fleet that is driving around the city on a regular basis.


Your company logo is likely to take pride of place on the top of your website and social media pages. This is how to keep a consistent brand image, both online and offline.

Other online places where you can place your logo, include your email signature, your website’s favicon, your PayPal or as a watermark on all of your blog post graphics, and watermarks on your imagery.


There are plenty of merchandising companies that can place your company logo on all sorts of items, including t-shirts, stationery, bags, business cards and mugs.

By adding your logo to all of these places, you can increase the consistency of your branding, so that more people are aware of your brand image.