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Adding a vehicle wrap to your company’s fleet is an absolute must if you want free advertising as you or one of your employees drives down the street, but some vehicle wraps can turn customers away. It might be because the vehicle wrap is poor condition, it wasn’t applied properly, or it was made with cheap materials. This will damage your company’s reputation in the neighborhood. People expect companies to have a professional, neat appearance. If you have a sub-par vehicle wrap, it might also distract people from the overall message of the wrap, including the idea behind your company and the products and services you provide. Find out if your wrap is hurting or helping your business.

Wraps Made with Cheap Materials

Some business owners will try to cut corners by making a wrap for their company car using cheap materials. They might be lured by a company that offers low rates or they might try to make and apply the wrap themselves. Either of these options usually results in a poor-quality vehicle wrap that does little to win over new customers.

Poorly Design Wraps

If your wrap is poorly designed, you might have a hard time bringing new customers through the door. While you don’t need to paint a Mona Lisa on the side of your truck or van, you need to make sure the image is visually appealing to consumers. The text should be legible and easy to understand. Using a weird font that no one can read or understand in just a few seconds might create confusion among your customers.

Custom Vehicle Wrap

Wraps Deteriorating Over Time

You need to make sure you’re keeping your wrap in good condition by avoiding the automatic car wash and keeping your car clean. Otherwise, your wrap will fade, fall off, or unravel over time. This will make a bad impression on your customers. Keep the wrap in good shape if you want to be seen as a reputable business owner.

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