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Vinyl decals are different from wall murals as they don’t cover the entire wall. These decals are generally brightly colored, opaque graphics of company logos, names, as well as mascots. These highly-creative graphics are lively and printed mainly with UV-resistant inks. This helps them handle the constant exposure to harsh weather conditions without fading.

For instance, you can get graphics, your brand message, and/or images of your products or services and install these vinyl decals on walls. Besides, you can also make great use of the surfaces in your business. Floor graphics are becoming increasingly popular and help create a unique effect. This helps attract potential customers and advertise your brand, as well.

Another highly-effective and incredibly simple way to create a significant impact without making substantial changes to the interiors of your property is by implementing them on your office property’s walls. These vinyl decals can be used to a considerable effect without being in-your-face.

You get to opt for the patterns, designs, colors, and the brand message you want to display in the murals. You can also consider installing them in various areas of your company’s property. Waiting rooms, entryways, and hallways are the most accessible spaces, but you can still install them in almost every setting.

Are Vinyl Decals Removable? 

Digitally Printed Custom Wall Mural

Wall decals are great options to take advantage of empty walls and create the perfect atmosphere.

In case you were wondering, vinyl decals can also be easily removed and replaced. This enables you to make changes to the look of your property whenever you feel like it. Besides, the reason why these decals work so well for commercial properties is that they can be used without causing any damage to the walls or any such surfaces where they were installed. 

Will Vinyl Decals Damage Paint?

Vinyl decals will not damage the paint; rather they help in protecting the finish of your walls. As you can see, there are several reasons why wall decals are an excellent investment for your business. These features provide business owners with an inexpensive and long-term way to advertise their brand and services while ensuring the walls remain in perfect condition.

Besides, you can also see to it that both the interior and exterior walls are covered, which ensures that your brand information is spread out in all spaces. Since the material of these features can vary, contact reputable professionals to create the custom vinyl decals you require. This will ensure that you have the highest quality murals for your business.