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Custom car decals are typically graphics printed on stickers applied to vehicles. Today modern printing technology has advanced significantly, and skilled operators in the space can design and install stunning cool car wraps based on your specific requirements. 

Types of Cool Car Wraps

High-Quality Vehicle Graphics

Car wraps are amazingly effective branding tools.

The decals that you opt for can be applied very easily, and removing them is straight forward. They do not cause any permanent damage to your vehicles. Since every person will have particular requirements about the types of custom car decals they want, graphic designers have detailed discussions with their clients to determine their needs.

Cool car wraps are the way to go if you have a car fleet you want to use for advertising purposes. However, make sure that these are designed purposefully and installed by an expert. There are different types of custom car decals that you can opt for, such as:

  • Car Hood decals-As the name suggests, these are applied to the car hood and are perfect for vehicles that have a sloping hood.  This gives a good display surface to the car decal.
  • Partial door decals– You can get these installed on the vehicle’s doors, and the graphics will have a continuous design that stretches from the front of the car to the back.

These decals are ideal for advertising products, offers, and promotions, etc. They are easily removable, meaning you can either replace or remove them once their purpose has been served.

Full Car Wraps

Sometimes, car fleet owners prefer full car wraps. These products cover the entire vehicle. You can use all the surfaces to place various pieces of information, your company logo, any other brand information that you need, and more. There are many benefits to opting for these custom car decals, such as:

  • These wraps are ideal for covering small scratches, dents, and flaws in the paint.
  • You can transform the look of your business vehicle fleet at an affordable price.
  • Vinyl car wraps also protect your car paint from exposure to the sun’s rays and fading.
  • Maintenance of these wraps is easy.
  • If you feel that you need to replace them sometime in the future, removal is quite straightforward.
  • They do not leave behind any residue, either.

When you are getting custom car decals, always work with proven operators would be able to customize solutions and provide you expert inputs so that you have impactful advertising material.