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Choices for Window Graphics

Windows graphics come in a huge variety of options and designs. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common types of window signs that can be used for your business in Colorado.

Types of Stickers & Decals

Window Stickers

“Stickers” is actually a misnomer in the industry. Most of the time, it can be interchanged with the word “decal”. Sticker implies a one-time use material that cannot be repositioned once applied.

Window Decals

Window decals are a window graphic that has one side covered in an adhesive that adheres to glass. These can be applied on the inside and outside of the glass.

 Window Signage Options

Clear Window Decals

Clear window decal designs allow for greater transparency through a window graphic. It is important to use strong colors in order to improve visibility, particularly for tiny decals.

Opaque Window Decals

As the name implies, these are decals that are opaque on all parts of the surface area of the graphic.

Perforated Window Decals

These are window decals that are designed to provide one-way visibility on the windows that they are installed on. Perforated window decals will let you see from the inside to the outside, but maintain privacy from the outside. People on the outside of the glass will only be able to see the graphic included in the decal. This is achieved by printing on material that is perforated with small holes.

Static Cling Decals

A static cling decal is a decal that can be attached to a window without the use of an adhesive. It is attached using a static charge that holds it in place. They can be easily applied, removed, and rearranged, which makes them ideal for promotions or events.


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